Hi-Build / Hi-Class being a client focused construction company, is proud of its achievement as a key player in the General Contracting Sector. The commercial, residential and industrial building expertise of the company was recognized by various esteemed customers. Starting-off within the United Arab Emirates and gradually expanding the proximities into the Middle East, and, further more on the Global Platform with overseas operations to boast of, the growth was strides to leaps.

Hi-Build / Hi-Class offers comprehensive pre-construction design / build as well as general project management and building services to the developers. Timely completion, efficiency, quality of workmanship and personal attention are the keywords of success to the pride of this company. The project, be it either big or small, we are competitive and responsive to each one of them and its needs.

Hi-Build / Hi-Class with its state-of-art equipments, machineries, tools & tackles are very sound to enable us perform on a higher level of quality platform. Hence, these minimise the in-conveniences in operations & also refines the same to the most possible limits. Most modern gadgets in the form of latest computers, digital cameras & wireless communication systems are used to the fullest extent without sacrificing personal interactions.

Hi-Build / Hi-Class’s key project managers and super intenders average over 15 years of construction industry experience. The area of completed projects by these professionals range from detailed interior finish-outs to multi-office buildings, complexes & face-renovations of operational facilities. Trained and experienced operation specialists, construction managers, project engineers and a force of hundreds of craftsmen are committed to do the job with utmost precision and quality specifications. They keep the budget in-check, the schedule on track and the level of quality outstanding.