In this service range offered by us we comprehensively cater to both in-house project requirements and service specific external clients by offering part or full industrial and/or commercial protective coating services.
Our offered services are backed by fully automatic modern machine-lines which ensures quality and speed so that the end-products obtains the best aesthetic face-lift along with the required and guaranteed protection. The services which we offer are :
We have a fully automatic heavy duty shot blasting-line wherein the surface preparation process is carried out by hurling metal grits at very high velocity for the removal of scales, corrosion etc prior to paint or powder-coat.
Some of the key features of this facility are :
  • A clear-opening in the machine of 2.3m wide x 1.2m high for admitting material into the process.
  • 8 nos. of blast-wheels angled uniquely to give a uniform level of surface finish throughout the product.
  • Robust dust-collector to enable a clean operation.
  • 14m long motor driven conveyor system at job admission and exit to enable any structure of 12m or more to be handled efficiently.
  • A PLC controlled system which gives a single button start and shut down of the machine with full monitoring.
  • Shot-blasting of smaller sections in multiples, pipes upto 1.1m diameter and fabricated or un-fabricated structures having peripheral dimensions of 2.2m width x 1.1m height can be carried out efficiently.
We have an integrated painting booth to cater the needs of all painting services, supported by an open yard and covered paint-booth at our disposal. We provide our clients with superior airless sprayed painting services for any type of painting system like an epoxy based or an intumescent type fireproof painting.
All stringent quality measures prior to painting, during painting and post painting are followed and documented in standardized formats to always ensure the adherence and compliance of project requirements.
Powder coating being an advance method of applying a decorative & protective finish to a wide range of metals & its products that are used industrially & commercially, we have added this unique and potential service line into our spectrum of expertise by setting up an ultra modern productive service facility.

Main Features of our Powder Coating Facility   :
  • 8 stage Pre-Treatment System measuring 6.5m in length and 0.8m wide, which includes Multi Metal Alkaline Cleaner, Iron Phosphate with non-chrome seal.
  • 6m long Dry-off oven.
  • An automatic Conveyor Line stretching over 112m, having a weight bearing capacity of 80 Kgs per load point.
  • The job entry opening of the system is of 3m height x 0.8m wide and jobs as long as 6m each can be processed at ease. Manual feeding is employed when jobs having 7m lengths are to be processed. The conveyor speed is 1 to 1.6 m/min.
  • 5m long Pre-heating Chamber.
  • 6m long Powder Coating Booth equipped with both automatic and manual powder spraying facility.
  • 20m long Curing Oven which is of “in-line” Gas Convection type which is capable to sustain temperatures between 250 to 300o C for both polyester as well as PVC coatings.
PVC / Thermoplastic Coating     :
We have gained proficiency & expertise in the process of “Thermoplastic/PVC Coatings” upon metals providing coating thicknesses ranging from 300 microns to 1000 microns through electrostatic spraying.
The product PPA 571ES, a thermoplastic coating, has been specifically designed to provide long lasting tough coating for exterior application upon mild steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.
This product is resistant to stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, detergents, salt sprays & typical air borne pollutants. This coating maintains excellent adhesion to the metal substrate eliminating the need of a separate primer. This product also provides an impressive abrasion and impact resistance.